Truth and Bullshit

There is truth, and there is bullshit.

The truth may not be easy to find, but with effort, one can distinguish it from bullshit.

Honesty is the dedication to truth and the rejection of bullshit.

Dishonesty is the dedication to bullshit.

Dishonest people promote bullshit, and they hope others will accept it.

Dishonest people fear the truth. They attack and repel truthful people.

Dishonest people want respect for their bullshit, and they despise anyone who rejects it.

Honest people can mistakenly accept bullshit. They may err, but they seek evidence for their positions and will observe contrary evidence, so they can ultimately discover and reject the bullshit they have fallen for.

A dishonest person denies evidence presented against his bullshit, and he's satisfied with his position as long as he can repel anyone who disagrees with him.

An honest person seeks truth and doesn't wish to repel those who disagree with him. He wants to persuade them. He doesn't want their passive acceptance or resignation. He wants them to agree actively—to understand.

A dishonest person seeks and settles for obedience. He thinks it is a virtue.

A dishonest person is someone who, in the past, gave up understanding in favor of obedience—so to defend his choice, he wants others to obey him or to go away.


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