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Three Portable LED Lights

Here I review three portable LED lights. They are the  Slonik 1000-lumen headlamp , the  Anker Bolder LC90 flashlight  and the  Nicron N9 flashlight . I purchased all of these. All three are quite good, but there are differences which might make you prefer each over the others. All three emit white light only, and all make a constant, flicker-free beam, in addition to "strobe" and SOS patterns. Each of these uses a single 18650 lithium-ion battery. These batteries make very bright light possible compared to AA batteries. The Anker and Slonik both allow you to charge the battery in-unit with a micro-USB cable. The Nicron does not — you'll need an external charger. The Anker and Slonik both include a battery. The Nicron does not. The build quality on all three units is excellent. These are solid products. Slonik Headlamp The Slonik is a headlamp. It fits comfortably on the head with an elastic strap. It's easily adjustable to point from straight up to straight down, and