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I'm an Objectivist. What does that mean? It means that my fundamental belief is in reality. It also means a lot of other things, but that's the main thing. It also means that most people on Earth disagree with me. Some people believe in reality but say a supreme being created it and could change it whenever he wishes. That means their fundamental belief is in the supreme being — not reality. Others claim it's na├»ve or dangerous to attempt to say anything about "a reality" we all share, especially that we all share it. With these people, whenever you say "reality" they feel the need to ask "Whose reality?" as if there can be no reality that is not a personal attribute. They take comfort in believing that their reality is not mine. People who disagree with me think "a reality" belongs to someone. They think that "each reality," as such, is created by its owner. That's the idea I firmly reject. Instead, I hold that reality

Truth and Bullshit

There is truth, and there is bullshit. The truth may not be easy to find, but with effort, one can distinguish it from bullshit. Honesty is the dedication to truth and the rejection of bullshit. Dishonesty is the dedication to bullshit. Dishonest people promote bullshit, and they hope others will accept it. Dishonest people fear the truth. They repel or attempt to defeat or even destroy truthful people. Dishonest people want respect for their bullshit, and they despise anyone who rejects it. Honest people can mistakenly accept bullshit. They may err, but they seek evidence for their positions and will observe contrary evidence, so they can ultimately discover and reject the bullshit they have fallen for. A dishonest person denies evidence presented against his bullshit, and he's satisfied with his position as long as he can repel, defeat or destroy anyone who disagrees with him. An honest person seeks truth and doesn't wish to harm those who disagree with him. He wants to persu